Biokinetics is the evaluation of various postural, biomechanical and physical components to develop the best possible training regime or program to reduce pain and improve stability. As Biokineticists we specialize in orthopedic-, cardiac- and metabolic rehabilitation. By developing a structured training session to improve postural deviations and strength deficits we can reduce chronic pain such as lower back pain, knee pain, neck pain etc.

I am passionate about orthopedic rehabilitation as well as sport specific high performance conditioning. By implementing postural correction techniques as well as correcting biomechanical movement patterns and including it in a training program it serves as an injury prevention modality to keep you performing at the highest level, for longer, not interrupted by injury.

Sessions can be structured into packages as well as a monthly rate. All rehabilitation packages are claimable from the medical aid. Packages are structured as follows from 4 sessions up to 24 sessions depending on the estimated rehabilitation time period based on scientific research.

Morne Castelyn Biokinetics located within Pretty Gardens Gym is a private practice incorporating the specialist fields of Biokientics and Sport Science to provide each client with the optimal training and rehabilitation in a high performance setting. The focus of Biokinetics is to analyse functional movement patterns as well as biomechanical deviations to best treat chronic dysfunctions and pain. By interpreting results from biomechanical and postural assessments, an individualized training program or training session is constructed and scientifically progressed to addres each deviation which may cause pain or alter normal functional patterns.

The field of Sport Science uses training modalities and concepts to achieve optimal performance levels for all athletes whether recreational or professional. By integrating and manipulating various performance components and designing programs specific to your sport or activity we address factors such as improvement of strength, fitness, endurance, core stability, flexibility and explosive power.

The integration of both Biokinetics and Sport Science concepts to provide optimal conditioning programs is the aim of Pretty Gardens Gym to provide our athletes with the best training to succeed at any level.