Sport Science

Sport Specific Programs

We have been in the professional sports fitness industry for more than 15 years. As an accredited member of SASMA (South African Sports Medicine Association) and we stand for training, progression, performance. This includes a wide range of sports. Cricket, rugby, athletics, triathlon, adventure racing, trail & road running and many other sporting codes are all on our list.

We have helped others and we will help you. As a member of Pretty Gardens Gym we can design a training program for you that will take you to the next level in your sport. From nutrition, strength, core strength, explosive power, speed, endurance and agility we can design a tailor made conditioning program that will enhance your performance.

Non-members are also welcome to contact us for sport specific training programs.

Rehabilitation Exercise

Although exercise is the main part of getting and staying fit, it is also in some cases the cause for injury. This is especially the case on the sports field. However, even though exercise can be the cause of the problem, it is also the main component of its rehabilitation. Rehabilitation exercise incorporates all the basic principles of fitness training but with a very specific context: that of effectively strengthening an injured body part, helping to make it functional again and restoring your confidence while at the same time maintaining a good level of fitness

With our knowledge and experience in sport we can develop a rehabilitation exercise program specific for you. This will be done completely upon how the injury is responding, day to day and week to week. If so required the rehabilitation will be broken down through the different healing phases in association with other medical professionals.